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Silicone Tube

Neutral cure silicone ; Non acetic and non corrosive ; Low odor ; Flexible, non sagging, watertight.

Our Price: $15.00
BNC's (10pcs)

This Universal Connector is the only one of its type in the world and will save you money in wasted trips to jobs only to find that you have carried the wrong connector. This termination kit is unique because it comes with three different sized ferrules which enable you, as the installer, to deal with the varying thicknesses of insulation that comes with RG58, RG59, and RG6 cables.

Our Price: $19.00
Jalousie Contacts (10pcs)

Alarm Contact Allows You to Secure the Most Vulnerable Parts of Your House.

Our Price: $20.00

The SL-401 is the lowest current consumption weather-proof strobe in its class. It operates on 12VDC and draws a low 115mA. It’s made of high impact resistance thermoplastic to stand up to abuse. The strobe is rated at 60,000 candle power and is designed with an operating life in excess of 200 hrs of continuous operation.

Our Price: $29.00
Medical Personal Emergency Response with GPS

  • Medical PERS is 150.00 for the Unit. Includes mobile personal emergency response system with GPS locate, wall charger, protective pouch, lanyard and keychain clips. Monthly Monitoring of $34.95 based on a Month to Month Contract to get the $150 Price.

  • eCare+Voice enables seniors to live independently and call for help anytime. No landline phone connection is required. Press one button to talk to a trained emergency care specialist 24/7. Specialists can speak with and locate the user, dispatch local EMS,

Our Price: $150.00